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November 24, 2011
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MM_Nakao Yuuka by Wish-hope MM_Nakao Yuuka by Wish-hope
*:new:Yes ;v; Yuuka's hair got shorten~huhu~*

For :iconmorphos-metaphor:

Feel free to rp with me anywhere xD
Noted,comment and Drawing~/shot/

♪ N a m e
Nakao Yuuka 中尾優香
♪ A g e
♪ G e n d e r

♪ Y e a r L e v e l
2nd Year
♪ Class
♪ W e a p o n
- Yuuka's Father works as Black Smith . And it has been passing for 3 generations in Nakao's Family.
- This Whip is special made by her Father. He wants her to be able to protect herself and it's also known as a charm for him.

♪ A r c a n a
- Star
♪ Ar c a n a R a n k
- Rank 3
♪ S u i t
- Chalices
♪ Persona
- Kintoki-douji
♪ Skill
*old skills*
- Dia Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally. Can be used in the field.
- Regenerate 1 Recovers 2% of max HP on each turn.
- Invigorate 1 Recovers 3 SP on each turn.
- Bufula Inflicts a moderate amount of Ice damage to one enemies.
- Rampage Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.
- Hamaon 50% chance of instant death from the power of Light on one enemy.
- Recarm Revives an ally with 50% HP.
- Heat Riser Increases an ally's Attack, Defense and Agility for 3 turns.

♪ H e i g h t
- 160cm
♪ W e i g h t
- 46kg
♪ N a t i o n a l i t y
- Japanese
♪ PE Class
- Will add after if I can make it in the enrollment.
♪ Club
- Fighting Club
- Drama Club
- The School Paper
♪ L i k e s
- Sports( Specially Gymnastic )
- Spicy Food
- Red/white color
- Reading Manga
- Playing Games(Specially Otome Games )
- Staying late at school
- Horror/Creepy
♪ D i s l i k e s
- Math/History
- Bitter Food
- Rude/Selfies people
- Being picked on
- Romance( unless she found someone like her imaginary guy//shot )
- Insulting her family

♪ P e r s o n a l i t y
- Good Will
- Harmony
- Serenity
- Cheerful

She loves to have fun and being cheerful. And she loves to see people smile,so she intends to cheer people up. Somehow can be A little mischevious,She likes to play pranks on people. Hard working comes from training by her father. Yuuka's father teach his daughter how to she could able to protect herself. She has strong responsibility . Yuuka will never leave her work to others,she rather finish it herself.Has Obsession on otome games.

♪ S t r e n g t h s
- Never show panic in difficulty time(but the truth is SHE IS Panicking 8D)
- Have some fighting experience with her father and brother
- Strong focus
- Big Appetite
- Flexible cuz she's attending gymnastic on her young age.
♪ W e a k n e s s
- Less Confident
- Self-conscious
- Once she get distracted she will find hard to focus on one stuff
- Low stamina
- High Pride
- Bad Memory
- Stubborn

♪ H i s t o r y
Yuuka was born in very strict family of 4 children. Yuuka was the 3rd child among her siblings. She has 2 older brothers and a younger brother. They live in a small town and her father was known as The Grumpy Old man who works as a blacksmith in a family business that had pass down for 3 generations . Her mother is also known as a very sweet and gentle lady. She's favorite among other doctors in their town.
At a very young age, Yuuka started to learn how to mend items such as, knives, hammers and other small items. She often play along with all the boys around the neighborhood. She always act herself like a boy. She had a dream, that is to become a great black smith like her father. But her father refused to teach her more. All he wants is his daughter to become a lady like her mother. As a family tradition, boys should be the one to inherit the family business. Yuuka understand well her father wishes for. With a disappointing heart, she has accepted her own faith. No matter what, she still idolize her father and loves him a lot. So she listen to what her father advise and went to learn from her mother.
As time pass,Yuuka turn out to a fine lady and study hard at Medication. She did her decision to chase her path from the time she passed. Yuuka asked her parent to let her study in cities,but
they refused. She didn't gave up and told them how she feels. She told them, she didn't dislike learning medic she loves it too. Just she felt empty and eager to learn more things. At last, her family believe in her and gave her a chance to know about other places and people...So they send her to Kirimori City and Enrolled to Higashimori High School.

♪ T r i v i a
- Her father name her After her mother. Her name is Yuuka and her mother's name is Yuuki.
- She looks ladylike in the outside but she's boyish in the inside.
- She has a white ferret and it been with her for a long time. It sticks around her the whole time. But it was well train by won't moved or run around unless she asked too.
- Likes to stares people From head to toe on 1st meeting.
- Dislike being called cute. She will punch straight to your face,
She has these Quotes:
"I'm so cool~"
"I'm not cute,I'm handsome!"

♪ M o r p h o s  P o i n t s
- [link]

♪ I n v e n t o r y

♪ Social Links

♪ Battle quotes
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